AquaFARM to TABLE    

 We provide restaurants with our delicious, plump, sweet, succulent oysters.  Harvested to order and delivered fresh!

Taste the Sea, not just the Salt!

We are a family owned boutique oyster company committed to selling only the highest quality, freshest oysters grown in the Morattico Creek.  

Located in Virginia's beautiful Northern Neck, our oysters are always harvested to order - fresh from the water directly to you! 


                         Morattico Creek Oysters are:

Plump:              Lots of rich nutrients in the Morattico Creek, right                          off the Rappahannock River,  feed our oysters well!

Sweet:              Our lower salinity produces a mild, sweet, succulent                           oyster.  You'll taste the sea, not just the salt! 

Succulent:        Juicy, buttery, crisp - delicious!

                              Try one and you'll want

                     MORE MORATTICOS!